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The Petulu Ubud Village Vibes

Tailored to any romantic heart a hidden serenity in the heart of Heron Birds Heaven in the tiny village of Petulu Ubud the Villa JJ and Spa Ubud sophisticaly nestled in the lush greeneries of the rice fields, embraced by lines of coconut trees. The villa promises a little piece of relaxed heaven on earth thoughtfully wrapped in the signature JJ Group’s touch. In addition, Villa JJ and Spa Ubud is designed to bring imagination, authenticity and meaning to be steady in the soul, and free in the spirit, taken from its name “JJ is Jiwa Junjungan” means the true soul of Junjungan Village its salubrious vibes and “Ubud/ubad” means remedy. Each day we dedicate to bring out the best in all we do, ensuring you the ultimate experience of wellness in the most stunning setting imaginable.

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The Location

Since being discovered, the area of Ubud has always been highly regarded by the Balinese for its immense spiritual powers. Even the term Ubud is derived from the term Ubad, meaning medicine in reference to the traditional healing properties of the array of plants that randomly grow here.

Ubud is remarkable spiritual town in the heart of Bali, a retreat for those seeking peace of mind clarity of thought and inspiration in the arts, culture, dance and music. Healing, comfort, nature and inspiration create Ubud sanctuary. Ubud is a romantic setting for an intimate Honeymoon entire nature and culture.

Just north of Ubud, around a 10-minute drive towards the popular Ceking Rice Terraces of Tegallalang, Petulu Village (or Desa Petulu) sits in quiet refuge on the outskirts of Ubud town’s daily bustle.... Slow and sleepy, with a single road running through its centre, Petulu still retains the structure and atmosphere of a traditional Balinese village, with classic Balinese compounds on either side. Many of the residents of Petulu were skilful artisans, their carving skills often on display on the roadside of Tegallalang though some will work on nearby farms, others in the tourism industry as well. Petulu is also home to an impressive colony of white herons, who share the village streets and housing compounds with their human neighbours. Every afternoon, peaceful Petulu erupts with life as swarms of squawking herons make their evening commute home. At dusk, the fiery sunset skies above the village are filled with the flapping silhouettes of the returning birds. Like a plague of bats leaving a cave, the herons come to settle in Petulu en masse for the night.

The Accomodations

Coupling the beauty of Ubud with the charm of relaxing villas, Villa JJ and Spa Ubud is custom-made for romance, relaxation, and hideaway. Villa JJ and Spa Ubud has 1 villa with private pool, 4 suite villas with garden view, 1 deluxe villa with garden view, 2 superior villas with rice field view and 2 bedrooms wooden bungalow with rice field view.

Villa JJ and Spa Ubud is designed with carving, paintings and using the local material, stone, wood and bamboo to respect the Ubud soul of culture and arts. The villas built following the land contour and works with as much of the existing natural habitat to blend with the surroundings, respected the prohibition to keep the healing vibe.

The villa gardens is design to preserve the Balinese rare flowers and fruits used as element of the Balinese Hindu ritual ceremony. Some existing trees are preserve, ylang-ylang, jackfruit, palms, and coconuts. In addition added the Balinese flower, jempiring, soka, frangipani, areca nut as well as the Balinese herbs, lemongrass, turmeric, galangal, ginger and others.

Villa with Private Pool

Nothing says 'holiday' like this 55 m2 romantic villa with private pool that offer you tranquility and relaxation. The villa with private pool is inspired by the simplicity of modern comforts incorporated with the charm of Balinese art.

Suite Villa with Garden View

Relax and recharge in Ubud suite villa with garden and pool view. A 50 m2 serene, restful environment with a vibrant yet humble interior. Beautifully located with an open roof bathroom with a small garden filled with rocks and plants like a river in Bali.

Deluxe Villa with Garden View

Warm and elegant deluxe villa with garden view, the 45 m2 villa with sharing pool provides you with ample space to rest and recharge. Step onto the veranda, listen to the music of nature and dip into its tranquility.

Superior Villa with Rice Field View

Enjoy the expansive rice field view from this bright 30 m2 superior villa. This simple elegant superior villa is a perfect combination of indulgent romance and relaxing serenity.

Wooden Bungalow with Rice Field View

Our wooden bungalow are carefully designed with authentic Balinese style using local wood, bamboo and with a collection of hand carved furniture to reflect the warmth Balinese nature, and the beautiful rice field wiew with gardens set up that extensive use of local flora with touch of luxurious artistic soothe to embrace the nature and the sense of classy heightened relaxation. It comes with private terrace will invite your truly calm-self.

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